• Many people are dealing with similar problems linked to the activities of wild mammals: livestock injured or killed by carnivores, fields trampled by elephants or by other large herbivores, crops eaten by primates…
  • Numerous local initiatives have been tested around the world to deal with these difficulties: warning systems, guarding animals, scaring devices, repellents, damage compensation systems…
  •  There is no single solution: it is often necessary to combine several of these measures to avoid, minimize and offset the negative interactions between humans and wildlife.
  • These initiatives could be successfully applied in different contexts.
  • The wide variety of local knowledge and techniques that exist around the world will empower us to better act locally.


ENCOSH aims to build a platform to exchange knowledge about the numerous initiatives tested around the world that contribute to addressing issues linked to the presence of wild mammals.


This platform is for anyone who is seeking to preventing, minimizing, reducing or offsetting issues linked to the activities of wild mammals, and for those who are willing to share their experience and expertise.