January 2016

Preliminary Work

  • Networking and meeting with various stakeholders in the Alps (France, Switzerland and Italy) to exchange ideas for the project;
  • Realizing a documentary and first videos to illustrate local initiatives;
  • Elaborating of a thorough strategic plan to define and implement the ENCOSH project.
January 2017

Design Prototype Platform

  • Reviewing extant initiatives worldwide that contribute to Human – Wildlife coexistence;
  • Developing a platform prototype;
  • Holding a workshop (Montpellier, France) to test and improve the prototype.
September 2017

Co-creation Version 1.0 platform

  • Developing a website to introduce the project and prototype to various stakeholders worldwide and collect their feedback;
  • Creating an interdisciplinary consultative team to contribute to the co-creation of the platform;
  • Exchanging and validating the main content, functions and design of the future platform with this consultative team;
  • Coordinating the co-development of the platform in collaboration with a web-master and testing the platform until validation by the consultative team.
October 2019

Feeding and Launching Platform

  • Publishing technical sheets by the consultative team;
  • Developing the required updates highlighted by the consultative team and first members;
  • Translating the platform in Spanish and Portuguese.