The platform

Increasing human-wildlife interactions worldwide call for greater engagement between stakeholders and for more readily available and accessible information on initiatives to prevent and/or mitigate conflict. The ENCOSH platform aims to foster knowledge-sharing on such initiatives, and ultimately inform, inspire and empower people to achieve positive interactions with wildlife at their home.

For who?

The platform is a meeting point for all those seeking to address Human – Wildlife interaction issues as well as for those who are willing to share their experience and expertise.

Why this project?

Many people face similar problems related to wildlife activities worldwide, such as livestock killed by carnivores, crops damaged by herbivores or omnivores, or wild animals roaming in cities and villages.

Many actions implemented locally might be applicable elsewhere if stakeholders were aware of them.

Numerous and different approaches to dealing with these issues have been tried around the world.

Published information may be unavailable, incomplete or incomprehensible to many stakeholders worldwide.

There is no single solution and it is often necessary to combine several measures in order to address Human – Wildlife interactions effectively.

What goal?

ENCOSH aims to foster the sharing of knowledge, skills, experiences, and the creation of collaborative networks of diverse stakeholders worldwide about local and global initiatives that contribute to foster Human – Wildlife coexistence.

Which species?

This project focuses on medium and large terrestrial mammals. The platform however remains open to other animal species.


Everywhere worldwide where interactions occur with these animals species.