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Welcome to the ENCOSH Platform!

Why this platform?

Addressing Human – Wildlife interaction issues often requires a combination of diverse initiatives. While many of these already exist, they are spread out across the globe in such a way that many remain unknown and not available to all.

The ENCOSH platform has been co-created by an international, interdisciplinary team to foster and help practitioners worldwide to share their knowledge and experiences

What opportunities?

  • Search for initiatives that could be adapted to your local context: search initiative
  • Share an initiativebriefly so that it would be available in the platform and seen in the interactive map: share an initiative
  • Submit one of your initiative for which you have direct experience with and get a free downloadable technical sheet in pdf: submit an initiative

Any suggestions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and guidance or share any suggestions to make this new platform the most suitable to your needs and expectations: https://encosh.org/contact/

The ENCOSH team