I’ve worked with state, federal, and tribal entities in mitigating human wildlife conflict. As people continue to populate and recreate in wild places, I hope to provide solutions for coexistence.
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Wildlife conflict, populations management, public lands,conserving wildlife on private lands
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Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Managing natural resources on behalf of the citizens of Montana.
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Most of my conflict research and mitigation experience has been with carnivores (bobcats, wolves, mountain lions, black bears, grizzly bears). In my 5 years in Montana the predominant human wildlife conflict in my area is elk and agriculture practices. I’ve since grown my interest and expertise to also manage large ungulate conflict and how to conserve wildlife on private lands.

Wildlife management, education, conflict resolution, multi-stakeholder interactions, community outreach, research, wildlife trapping and handling, remote cameras.

Education, wildlife friendly fencing, wildlife proof fencing, electric fence, trap-relocate (bears), developing hunting regulations to manage wildlife population behaviors and numbers, bringing diverse stakeholders to the table to discuss community-wide solutions to conflict.

Urban wildlife

Ecology of urban bobcats (lynx rufus) in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex

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États-Unis d’Amérique
Wildlife Biologist, state wildlife manager, in North America