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Certification, Conservation Enterprise, Social Enterprise, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Agriculture, Tourism
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Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network
Established in 2007, the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that harnesses the power of enterprise to provide incentives for biodiversity protection around the world, and offers economic opportunity to people whose basic needs have put them in conflict with wildlife.
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Sustainable development and conservation professional with 6 years of consulting experience in program development and support for NGOs, communities, research institutions, government, and the private sector. Excellent writing skills with multiple examples of technical writing, development of educational materials, report writing, proposal writing, and editing. Strong analytical skills including database management, interviews and social science research methods, literature reviews, GIS, and policy assessment. Experienced with domestic and international environmental initiatives, focusing on human-wildlife conflict systems, wildlife trade, sustainable use, nature-based climate solutions, and building socio-ecological resiliency.

Consulting, Research, Technical Writing, GIS, Community assessments and surveying, Biological field research, Databases

Helped to develop WFEN’s Sea Turtle Friendly™ certification program for resorts and other tourism businesses in the Philippines, Latin American / Caribbean Region, and the United States. Supported WFEN’s other enterprise- focused conservation programs in tourism, agriculture, and other sectors including Certified Wildlife Friendly™, Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea (a partnership with the University of Montana), Certified Gorilla Friendly™ Tourism and Park Edge Products (a coalition with the International Gorilla Conservation Programme - IGCP, a coalition programme of WWF, FFI, and CI), Certified Jaguar Friendly™ Coffee, and others.

• International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS), Member
• IUCN TAPAS Biodiversity Working Group, Charter Member
• George Wright Society, Member

Tourism, Wildlife Tourism, Wildlife-based tourism, Tourism sustainability

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Anderson, W. and Altmann, M. 2018. The effects of wildlife-based ecotourism. In International Wildlife:
Contemporary Challenges in a Changing World. Koprowski & Krausman, eds. The Wildlife Society and Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Maryland. In process.
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Law & Policy. 20(3-4): 226-252.
Feyers, S., Tolbert, S., and Altmann, M. 2017. Resolution 060: Improving standards in ecotourism. Critical Analysis and Global Insights for IUCN Intervention in the Tourism Sector. International Union for Conservation of Nature. Available on the IUCN Portal.
Altmann, M. 2016. Wildlife-based ecotourism as sustainable conservation strategy: ecological and management indicators of conservation impact. Master’s Thesis. Available on ResearchGate.

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