Early detection system

A low-cost and open source system that helps to early detect and alert people about the presence of large mammals.

19 julio 2019

Community patrol

Voluntary groups to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. the group were established to mitigate the conflict and also to inform the government if the conflict happens in their area. if there is no conflict the group acts as government volunteer for spreading news or making conservation is important issue in the community.

19 julio 2019

Wireless sensor system

A telecommunication technology to which a variety of sensors can be linked that detect animal presence and power leaks in electric fences that are currently used to keep out herbivorous.

19 julio 2019

User-friendly mobile phone

A simple user-friendly mobile phone system to help villagers near two Indian national parks report crop and livestock damages to authorities and receive appropriate compensation.

19 julio 2019

Virtual fencing

A virtual fence creates a no-go area by manipulating the “Landscape of Fear” of a specific species. The virtual fence is designed to act like a territorial boundary in the mind of a target animal. Territorial boundaries are respected by potential intruders out of fear of retribution (punishment or death) by the territory owner.

19 julio 2019
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