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Section personnelle
Alonso Leal
Anglais, Français, Galicien
Mediation, participation, dialogue, conflict solving
Section professionnelle
Entretantos Foundation
actively promote and enhance the full incorporation of social participation, collaborative strategies and networking in socio-economic activities and public policies related to the territory, sustainability and environmental management
Section Interactions Homme - Faune sauvage

Social Mediation Iniciative for Iberian wolf and extensive livestock farming

dialogue capability, participatory strategies and techniques, networks dinamization,

Social Mediation Initiative for Iberian Wolf and extensive farming livestock

Campo Grande Group
Spanish Platform for Extensive Livestock Systems and Pastoralism

Conflicts, mediation

* Social Mediation Initiative on the Coexistence between Iberian Wolf and extensive livestock farming for CPD News
Authors: Pedro M. Herrera, Nuria Alonso, Yolanda Sampedro, Julio Majadas, Jose A. Sánchez, Víctor Casas, Fundación Entretantos http://www.protectiondestroupeaux.ch/fileadmin/doc/International/CDP_and_General_Infos/Issue18_E_web_low.pdf
*Iniciativa Social de Mediación para la coexistencia del Lobo Ibérico y la ganadería extensiva. International Congress on Agroecology, Córdoba 2018
Author: Fundación Entretantos

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