Early detection system

A low-cost and open source system that helps to early detect and alert people about the presence of large mammals.

19 julio 2019

Community patrol

Voluntary groups to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. the group were established to mitigate the conflict and also to inform the government if the conflict happens in their area. if there is no conflict the group acts as government volunteer for spreading news or making conservation is important issue in the community.

19 julio 2019

Interim Relief Scheme (Cattle Compensation Programme)

With the objective of alleviating this situation, The Corbett Foundation (TCF), a conservation NGO working in India, launched the Cattle Compensation Scheme in 1995 to give interim and on-the-spot financial assistance to villagers, whose cattle have been killed by a tiger or a leopard in the buffer zone of CTR. WWF-India has been a partner of this compensation scheme since 1997. The Cattle Compensation Scheme was eventually renamed as the Interim Relief Scheme. Information about this scheme has spread to all the villages around CTR and reporting of cattle kills has reached nearly 100%. TCF has a dedicated team in place that promptly responds to livestock depredation incidents by providing immediate effective monitory assistance and medical treatment to the injured livestock. This scheme has been largely instrumental in reducing the antagonism of locals and also helps in building trust among the local community members.

Ever since this scheme has been in place, the revenge killings of tigers and leopards in the area have drastically dropped, making this one of the most successful tiger conservation programmes implemented by any NGO in India.

Due to the success of this programme, this scheme was expanded to Kanha Tiger Reserve (KTR), situated among the Satpuda mountain ranges of central India in 2016.

3 julio 2019
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