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10 December 2021
Meeting ENCOSH core team
The ENCOSH core team recently met up on Zoom from 6 countries to discuss about ENCOSH strategies and priorities for 2022! This platform has been co-created for any stakeholders involved in coping with Human – Wildlife conflict and coexistence issues. You are thus all invite...
1 December 2021
Living in the Sloth bear Landscape- An information booklet for locals
The booklet consist of 22 pages and provides information on diet, breeding and habits of the bears along with do's and don'ts also signs of sloth bear presence. This will help replace myths from the facts about the bears and make them tolerant with the sloth bear presence. Read more
26 November 2021
Guide Electric fences to deter elephants
A guide for implementing community-based electric fences to deter elephants from entering crop fields. Read more
23 November 2021
Solar-electric Poliwire fencing as a farm-based deterrent for elephant crop-raiding
Solar-electric poliwire fencing is aimed at mitigating the impact of elephants on the livelihoods of subsistence farmers. It is a small, portable, farm-based initiative used during each cropping season to deter elephants from individual fields, while allowing them to continue to... Read more
3 November 2021
Electric fence to deter jaguar and puma
The design of the electric fence introduced here was tested by the NGO Panthera to prevent felines such as Jaguar and Puma from attacking livestock. The number of wires, their height and voltage are 3 parameters essential to consider, such as: - 5 wires at 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80c... Read more
25 October 2021
Sloth bear animation film
WCB Research Foundation has started the “stay home challenge in Lockdown- Story writing competition on Sloth Bear”, in April 2020 and received 32 stories in Hindi, Gujarati and English language from different regions of the World. Out of all the stories received, The Best st... Read more
The bear book
The book contains 21 different activities for kids through which they can learn about sloth bears and how to be safe in the sloth bear country. The book is available in both languages i.e. English and Gujarati. Book is learning tool and is distributed to take away and can show ... Read more
4 May 2021
Predator Deterrent Light systems
To discourage predator attacks at night, flashing predator deterrent light systems are mounted on livestock enclosures. This idea is intended to fool predators into thinking there is someone walking around with a torch during the night, and it is too dangerous to target livestock... Read more
18 January 2021
Alternative crops for mitigating elephant crop raiding
The first attractant of elephants to our fields is the different crops grown within, such as maize, sorghum, millet etc. Therefore, this trials hold a strong position that evaluating alternative cropping strategies can bring about a significant knowledge, understanding and more i... Read more
12 January 2021
Webinar Conservation Conflict Transformation
Are you working in a complex, conflict-rich conservation world? If you’ve been curious to learn a bit about Conservation Conflict Transformation (CCT) but haven’t been able to join one of our 5 day capacity building workshops – or you have, but you want a refres... Read more

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